MICDS Captains Chair

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A lifetime memory of MICDS. A great gift for the graduate or alum. Maybe just add to the decor of your home or office. Made from a solid 100% Malasian Oak hardwood and an eco friendly option as they plant one as they cut one. Includes the MICDS School Seal etched into the crown of the chair. There is also an option for a printed Seal (shown) on the black chair.

COLORS: You can choose from an all black chair with gold enlay etching or a gold printed seal. The cherry arms and crown include black etching.

PERSONALIZATION: If you would like to add a brass plaque to the back of the chair with some personalization, please contact the store to arrange this additional item. The plaque is an additional $24.99.

SHIPPING: Price shown is for pick up at the school only. If you would like it shipped please contact the store for rates.

NOTE: The store only inventories a couple chairs at a time. If we don't have the one you prefer in stock, please contact the store and we can order it for you. Please allow 3-4 weeks shipping time.

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Black, Cherry